Relax services

The Outdoor Giant Wooden Bath

A hot bath is the best relaxation after an all-day hiking tour or skiing. For this purpose you can
use our outdoor giant wooden bath which can be used throughout the whole year in which
you can find the right relax even when the outside temperature falls deeply under
the freezing level. The water in the bath is heated to 38 Degrees Celsius.
It is a great refreshment during summer season too. It is a great way to
spend a romatic day or night just for two as well as for a whole family which
want to have a quality time all together.
This kind of outdoor bath has been
brought to Europe from Canada a few
years ago. It is suitable for all age
groups. Its size is 180cm in diameter
and it is 120cm high. There are benches
for sitting inside the bath. Maximum
capacity of the bath is 5 persons.

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"You should try this wonderful
unforgettable experience!"

Playroom and childmilding

If you want to "get some rest" from
your little ones we have prepared
a playroom for them with a lot of
toys. If you would like to spend
a romantic evening just in two
you can use our childminding

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